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cool. we'll talk more about your complete forecast coming up. another case of west nile virus has shown up in anne arundel. that brings their total to four this season. now the department of agriculture is taking action. don harrison was there to find out what's going on. >> reporter: anne arundel county has reported another west nile virus case. that is the fourth one of the season. baltimore city and county each have three. pg county has the most in the state so far with six. west nile virus can go undetected in many people. if you have symptoms, they can mimic the flu. >> some headache, fever, muscle ache, oth earl body aches as well as a rash or swollen lymph nodes. >> reporter: the department of agriculture and the city are working to combat the spread of
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west nile. they will start spraying in east port and outside the city. how to handle the problem is where the disagreement s bob is all for zapping them with the chemical praying. >> this is the third day. i've put on repellent each day and still i get mosquito bites on the leg oar loor dave is the manager -- >> reporter: dave is the manager and he is outside all the time. he doesn't object to the spraying. gee just wants people in the community to know when it will happen. >> there are individuals who do have sensitivies to it and it can be serious consequences for those individuals. >> reporter: the city will spray monday in east porter rase, knights bridge, primrose acres and truckers heights.
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the department of agriculture said you should stay inside during the vague. in east port, don harrison, abc2 news. >> there have been 30 cases of west nile reported here in maryland with three deaths. all of the cases have been in adults. abc2 is working with you. go to nile. it's nile. investigators are trying to determine the cause of a house fire in randallstown around 8:00 this morning. a neighbor was inside. a neighbor smelled smoke and jumped into action. >> i tried to kick the door down. i saw the back door half open.
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people were sitting in the yard, gassing for air. >> the two people were take on it northwest hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. the blaze was contained to the kitchen. fire crews had it under control about 9:00 this morning. the house did have working smoke detectors. american airlines continues to fly, albeit with picketing pilots and angry passengers. we have the latest on the airline's woes. >> reporter: more travel headaches again today for american airlines passengers amid a dispute that's causing delays and cancellations. >> we were delayed about an hour and a half. >> reporter: executives believe pilots are calling in sick and filing maintenance reports to punish the company as part of the cost-cutting measures. >> you see a lot more people calling in sick or a lot of
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flights being canceled for mechanical reasons. >> reporter: the pilots are denying they're taking job action. that's despite conducting what they're calling informational picketing at chicago's o'hare. so far, no indication of safety being compromised. the company plans to cut flights up to 2% over the next two months in an attempt to keep service reliable and minimize impact, all this as passenger are left in the middle. >> people are starting to shop for thanksgiving. they do have a choice. these airlines need to get their act together. >> reporter: the question for american is even if it survives bankruptcy, can it survive the damage from the confidence. you'll have to wait until
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sunday night to see how jimmy kimmel handles the emmy's. it's his first time hosting the show. although kimmel is used to a live show and audience every nierkts the emmys is a big deal. he said flat out his nerves are shot. >> i'm more nervous than excited. it's one of those things you want it to go well but you don't know until after it's over. >> kimmel would not give up any secrets about the big show other than to say he's got a prank planned and you have to stay tuned. it airs sunday night at 7 p.m. right here on abc2. >> the nypd is releasing surveillance video from the lindsay lohan incident. a man accused her of clipping him with the car. the accuser has his back toward
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her and walks after the car after it passes. the man's face is blurred. it's hard to tell but appears no one was clipped. >> a huge general motors recall means thousands of cars should come off the road. why vehicles can start rolling away without reason. >> you want to plan those road trips to see the changing refers. now you can see it from your phone. >> i'm meteorologist wyatt everhart. look at frostburg. a little fall color on the horizon here. we'll talk about what the first day of fall looks like when we come back.
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general motors is recalling more than 450,000 vehicles due to a defect which could cause them to roll away unexpectedly. it affect 2007 to 2010 malibus, g6s and saturns. it has a problem with the transmission. it could cause the cars to roll without warning. gm said part of the transmission cable can break. there have been four crashes reported. owners will receive a letter
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from dealers. if you're in the market for a kindle, you won't be anal to find one at walmart anymore. they will no longer sell amazon kindle tablets and e readers. analysts believe anderson as a major competitor. they said many customers go into walmart and browse but make thir purchases through the online competitor. we're hours away from the first delay of fall. that means it's time for two things -- football and falling leaves. karin caifa looks at the best app for those road trips. >> reporter: for those trying to get a glimpse of throws colors, an app can point you in the right direction. the leaf keeper app shows you which regions are turning. users can upload photos and add their own report. you know they're pretty but what
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are you looking at? it can identify leaves, bark and fruit. we snap lets leaf hunters snap photos and match it with the right species. if hiking is in your plan, the all trails app searches more than 30,000 paths to find one near you with reviews from people who have blazed the trail b if football is what you're looking for, try an app like the sports bar finder or the fan finder. they locate the closest watering hole with your game on tap. >> mitt romney is certainly taking some knoc in the last couple of weeks. so what do people have to say as he releases his tax return? e what romney earned and paid in saxes and hear reaction from the
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beautiful bright blue sky. that is the story today, 76 degrees around ball. dew point at 60, a light southeast breeze. compare this evening to what we'll be seeing sunday night. we'll be falling through the 50s rapidly during that game sunday night as we take on new england and take care of business at m&t bank stadium. it's going to feel a lot more like football by the end of the weekend. speaking of that, show you the skies in progress high above today on the east side of town. it was nothing but deep blue skies, a few clouds over the susquehanna today. havre de grace from the tide water marina. or as some call it blair road.
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we have sunshine as well. good looking weather. temperatures mid-70s, low 70s in dover. 72 in ocean city. i think we'll she cooler scenario by sunday. that will be everywhere for the football game as well. light southeast wind. still fairly humid this evening. so again, it's interesting, this last night of summer. we will -- it will time out well. much cooler behind a line of showers. way cooler by sunday for the first full day of fall. fall starting paflt 9 a.m. tomorrow morning with the autumnal equinox, 12 hours of daylight, 12 hours of darkness. we think we're part of saturday. frontal boundary south of the storm system. this boundary, likely to bring showers, a little bit of rain in northern ohio but it's this
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system we feel that will push eastward will pick up additional moisture. we're talking about a line of showers. i don't expect a lot of weather this far south. a lot of the heavier weather will likely be from new jersey northward into new england. then we're clear on sunday with sunshine, clear skies. there will be a cool northwesterly breeze tblog big time by sunday night. the tropical satellite view. interesting type circulation but the conduction is to the east of the center of circulation. we don't look for lot of development out of that. 58 overnight, not quite has cool. as we begin fall tomorrow here's what things look like, 82 degrees, increasing clouds. that round will mark really a fall-like front coming through that really drops temperatures not only tomorrow night but into the day on sunday. sunday most of the day in the
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60s, breezy. we'll be dropping. let's talk about the swim across america forecast. the setup will be a decent one for the thousands of swimmers headed to gibson island. 62 degrees. winds will be north at 10 to 12. water temp at 65. >> love it. three years in a row. okay. switching gears now to democracy 2012 news. democrats have pushed mitt romney to release more years of list tax return. today the romney campaign did just that. tory dunnan joins us live from washington. what did we learn today? >> reporter: mitt romney's camming pain promised to release two years of tax return and they did just that. here's a summary of what we found in them. the romneys reported an income
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of $13.7 million, paid more than $2 million in taxes, a tax rate of 14.1%. the majority of income that year was from investments. the romneys donated $4 million to charity which equates to 30% of their income. this is interesting as well. also released was a summary of returns from the years 1990 to tween. it was in the form of a notetor rised letter from romney's tax preparer. it said over a 20-year period, the average rate was 20%. now people are questioning the timing of this release. remember, it's been a rough couple of weeks for the romney campaign, especially with the comments made behind closed doors at the fund-raiser in may. the romney campaign said, listen, there was no strategy behind this. it was ready, and that's why it
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was released. >> we saw a showdown on medicare. take us through the highlights. >> reporter: ever since paul ryan was announced as ram prowl's running mate there's been talk on medicare. it was president obama and paul ryan who went head to head at an aarp event. >> we expect the medicare beneficiary to save $5,000 as result of this law. >> we propose putting 50 million seniors, not 50 unaccountable bureaucrats, in charge of their own healthcare decision. they can choose the coverage that works best for them. >> reporter: both candidates made those proposals there but no surprise, they attacked the other one's plans. >> thanks for that report.
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several olympic swirls were on hand at johns hopkins children's center. they're delivering joy jars to patients at the hospital. she and her family set up the foundation to help kids dealing with terminal cancer and other illnesses. >> try to inspire jesse's mission, to inspire kids to never give up. as athletes, sometimes you're so beat up and want to give up and you caifnlt i've had so many ups and downs. something i believe in is to give back and be a part of something. and just to see their faces light up is priceless. >> as for the kids, they were excited to receive the joy jars. some of them -- people dedicated to finding
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a cure for colon cancer will be part of the walk/run and it benefits the colon cancer foundation. the theme is saluting survivors, specifically recognizing people who have survived colon cancer. they are hoping to raise $100,000 for the cause. baltimore baseball fans hoping to she that horal magic -- see that orioles magic continue in beantown. they will play a three-game series with the red sox. they hold the wild card spot. as long as the birds don't go into extra innings, you may get some sleep. it feels like we may be jinxing this but if the o's make this we have to be part of this. tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00. you can only buy those tickets
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online. that they're -- they're showing off their best move. there's lauren on the field at camden yards. just go to to find a link to the full video. we want you to vote for your favorite. last season's loss to the patriots in the afc championshipship game still stinks. both teams are coming off both losses president the ravens dropped a heartbreaker and the kickoff is 8:20. >> we have breaking news to tell you about in anne arundel. one person has died in a crash in anne arundel county. because of that crash traffic is backed up on 97 south. it's blocked off from the crash
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at the exit ramp at 50 for at least five miles. if you can avid that area, you should. i'm christian schaffer, coming up at 6:00 landscapers save a toddler from a burning apartment. apple always gets high parks. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. ♪ i dare you to dare me
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think only salon brands can do that? i took the dare...will you? [ female announcer ] daily moisture renewal from pantene. hair so healthy it shines.
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a north carolina woman was so determined to find a job tha he is road miles to fill out an
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application. she got a lead but didn't have money to buy gas eye got a weekend flier. it had the job listing. i knew in advance i would not have a vehicle. >> so killing berly set out on her daughter's bike. the trip would have taken 25 minutes. on the bike it took three hours. kimberly is hoping to hear back about the job. this dog has a big wheel to survive. meet aj. he was found wandering the streets. his leg had to be amputated and a jax was adopted by a woman. the owner was found dead. workers at a veterinarian hospital have been taking care of the dog. want to lose weight? one doctor says you should put a
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timer on your desk. they're offering help. >> rallying behind the victim of the perry hall high school shooting. how you can help daniel and his family. >> a toddler and his mother are rescued from an apartment building. how landscapers got them out. >> hundreds waited in line for the iphone 5. one fan said one feature is a fail your. we begin with breaking news in anne arundel. this is about the worst possible's to get into a crash for traffic here in the afternoon. only one lane is getting by one lane has maryland state police are tg

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